Thursday, February 24, 2011

Co-workers stealing chairs

I guess it was only a matter of time...

Working from home with cats

You'd think that, working from home, I'd eliminate the problem of my co-workers stealing my favorite chairs.  Ha.  I used to love to sit and work in that rocker — it is unbelievably comfortable, especially with a chair to put my feet up on and a lap desk for my laptop — but since we got the new kitten over the summer, that has become one of our older cat's refuges.  Since there are few places where Cleo feels safe from Ivan the Terrible, I haven't had the heart to move her, so she succeeded in annexing my rocker — you can see she even has her own fleece for it.

It was partly from losing my rocker that I had to get a new, more comfortable desk chair — the old one just wasn't cutting it, now that I no longer have the rocker to retreat to when my butt gets tired of a hard wooden seat.  Unfortunately, lately it seems Ivan has taken a liking to it.

A word of advice for anyone thinking of freelancing full time: Kids and pets can be just as distracting (and sometimes as annoying) as co-workers in an office!

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