Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Roll call

Since I had to move my blog to a new address, I've noticed my traffic has taken a nose dive. I'm guessing that might be because a lot of readers were following my blog through Blogger's reader, and now that my feed address has changed, they aren't getting updates. I did set up the old address to forward to the new one, but that won't do anything for the feed.

Have you figured out my blog's new address? If so, please change the links on your own blog and, if you don't mind, post a small announcement so that others can find me again. Thanks so much!


Lori said...

I'm here! Thanks for letting me know about the switch. I had subscribed to the last one and wondered why you hadn't updated.

Katharine Swan said...

I'm glad I commented on your blog, then, Lori! Of course, after that comment I had a medical problem that kept me incommunicado a few more days... I'll blog about that shortly. I hope everyone else manages to find me again, too!


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