Thursday, February 25, 2010


It seems that Blogger is soon to stop offering publishing via FTP. This is frustrating to me, since that's how I've published my blogs since I started this one in late 2005. I can switch to their Custom Domains and still publish to the same domain names I've always used, which will mean some tinkering to make my pictures show up, but no changes from the reader's point of view.

The one exception is this blog. Because I've been publishing to a folder rather than a subdomain, my blog URL is going to have to change — instead of www.katharineswan.com/blog.html, it will be http://blog.katharineswan.com. I'll be sure to set up forwarding so that you still get here, but I think it will change where the RSS and XML file is located. That means that if you "follow" my blog or use a reader to get my posts, you'll need to update it so your reader is looking for new posts in the right place.

The only other issue is that my blog will be down for a few hours as I get the DNS path changed over, and images may be down a bit longer (depending on how savvy I am at figuring out how to get them back). I should be doing this either today or tomorrow. I'll post again and let you know once everything is put to rights!

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