Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to work on my novel...

After over a month of neglect, I've finally gotten back to work on my NaNoWriMo novel. Fellow freelancer and friend Kathy Kehrli and I are scheduling virtual write-ins together using Facebook chat — by having a predetermined time when we both have committed to sitting down and right, we'll both (theoretically) have the motivation we need to continue working on our novels.

Yesterday's write-in wasn't wildly successful — we spent some time catching up via chat, rather than writing — but it did succeed in breaking the ice, so to speak, and getting me working on my novel again. The night before, I started thinking about where I wanted to pick up and what I wanted to write, so I was ready to go by the time we started writing. And once the juices started flowing, I was able to continue writing sporadically for a couple of hours after we both signed off from Facebook.

All said and done, I added 1,938 words to my rough draft yesterday. Not a huge amount, considering I worked on it for several hours, but the real accomplishment was getting back to work on it again. Not to mention I got to update my word count meter for the first time in over a month!


Lori said...

How are the write-ins going, Katharine? I'd have troubles with live anything - I'm ADD enough to want to chat instead of write. ;) But it's a cool idea. It's accountability.

Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

We definitely do more chatting the writing, Lori, but it's incentive to keep at it ... and Katharine works on hers after we log off. Me, not so much. LOL

Katharine Swan said...

Sorry I'm so late to the conversation -- I haven't been so good about keeping up with my blogs lately. Kathy's right, we do chat a lot, but it's enough to get me going -- I usually write for a while after Kathy leaves. It's enough to keep me from getting too far removed from my novel, if you know what I mean. :o)


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