Monday, August 04, 2008

Writing at the barn

Today I am finally trying what I've wanted to try for quite some time: I am writing at the barn.

I was planning on being at the barn for a while today, so I decided to bring my laptop and do some work if I had a chance. The idea was to clean the stalls and then work while I hang out with my horse. It didn't turn out exactly how I thought it would — Panama got injured and the wound had to be cleaned — but I am now sitting here with my laptop while Panama grazes in the front yard.

Writing at the barn

It's a great place to work, though of course it lacks some of the comforts of my house. My butt is beginning to really hurt from sitting on the ground, for one thing. Also, I don't have Internet access, so I'll have to copy and paste all my blog posts into Blogger when I get home.

Uh oh — time to go. Panama just got tired of the grass in the front yard, apparently, and walked off with his lead rope trailing. That's another drawback of working at the barn, I guess — it's over when my horse says it's over!

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