Friday, August 29, 2008

Obligatory post on the DNC

Some of you may remember that I live in Denver, and you might have wondered why I haven't posted about the Democratic National Convention, which is going on this week.

The truth is it hasn't really affected me much. I've read some of the headlines and listened to some of the speeches, but since I don't often get downtown (and since my writing assignments typically don't include any news reporting) it has actually been a fairly normal week to me.

However, on my library's website I found this delightful "online exhibit" (read: long video) about the last time the DNC came to Denver, back in 1908. Of course the party held some significantly different values back then, before the Dixiecrats split, but for the sake of history we all seem to have forgotten that (ha ha).

In any case, the video has some great pictures of Denver and the convention, and is well worth watching! If it won't load, click here to watch it on the Denver Public Library site.

1908, When the Democrats Came to Denver from The Denver Public Library on Vimeo.

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