Monday, June 25, 2007


I've been really busy lately, and I'm suddenly remembering last summer's insane work schedule. I'm trying to catch up a little on blogging, writing posts that I've had in mind but haven't had a chance to write yet, because I'd like to launch a new blog in the fall (more on that later). It's difficult, though, with so much other (read: paying) work to do.

I guess I'm not the only freelancer that experiences a "summer rush," as I've noticed a lot of my favorite blogs have suffered the same neglect lately as mine has. I used to daydream about being able to have vacation-like summers as a freelancer. What happened to that flexible schedule that I love so much?

I suppose by the end of summer, I'll be reaping the benefits of being so busy now. But is it really worth it?

I'll let you know when the payments start rolling in. ;o)

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