Friday, June 29, 2007

Malware spammer strikes again!

Just a few days ago, I posted about a spam that I received, with a link to a site that probably would have downloaded malware onto my computer. Amusingly, I received another spam like that today. I know it's the same deal because the email is the same as the other one, word for word, just with a different website address.

Here's the thing. The email claims it's from PostcardsFrom.com, which appears to be a real site. However, the links don't go to PostcardsFrom.com -- instead, there is an IP address in the link. I have no doubt that this is another attempt to download malware onto people's computers.

The thing that makes me laugh is that the email is exactly the same, right down to the "your family member" part. Either the spammers are really dumb, or they think everyone else is.

Don't click on links in emails from people you don't know! If you get an email from a website you visit frequently, just go directly to the site. It's simply not worth the risk!


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I'm getting all kinds of these from various email addresses. The most convincing has been from GreetingCards.com. When you look at the link, however, it goes to an IP address, not GreetingCards.com. These malware people are crafty, I'll give them that.

Katharine Swan said...

Thanks for sharing about the fake GreetingCards.com spams, too. I am hoping that my posts and everyone's comments will help get the word out and educate people about these scams.


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