Thursday, September 21, 2006

Content Done Better Blog: Another good writer's blog

Here's another blog I found via Deb's freelance job list: Content Done Better Blog. This one is also controversial (I love controversy!). I especially love his post, "Will Write Articles for Links...When Exposure Matters and When It Doesn't". He challenges all of us who have been griping about the prevalence of unpaid writing gigs to consider when writing for "free" might be worthwhile. His point: if you're donating articles that will be printed and reprinted throughout the Internet, with a backlink to your site each time, then you're not really writing for free - you're getting valuable exposure. However, if you write for these stupid obscure sites that try to use exposure instead of payment, there's really no advantage, because they're taking all rights (usually) and only providing you with the one backlink to your site. Not very useful.

In essense, Carson is saying about the same thing I always say (along with many other professionals in the field): don't write for those gigs that only offer exposure. If you want to write for exposure, check out his post for some better ideas.

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