Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Add this name to your black list!

Writing communities and blogs are an important resource for freelancers, as they allow us to keep up on what's going on with the market. Especially important are the warnings we get from other writers about the publishers who don't pay their writers.

Just the other day, I ran across this warning about a company called Pre-Press Company, Inc. - a company that works as an intermediary between publishers and writers. Apparently they are refusing to pay this particular writer on the grounds that the client hasn't paid them, therefore they don't have to pay her. The writer quotes the contract, showing quite clearly how Pre-Press Company, Inc. is in breach of contrach, and explaining why she believes that their excuses are contrived. After the initial post, this writer posted again to give an update: apparently Pre-Press Company, Inc. took offense to the fact that she was telling people about what they were trying to pull on her, and tried to threaten her with a lawsuit.

Thankfully, the writer wasn't intimidated. Quite the contrary - she posted all of their threats online for the entire world to read! Stay far, far away from publishers or employers with this type of reputation - they are not worth risking countless hours of unpaid work!

Thank you, Irreverant Freelancer!

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Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Thanks for the plug, Katharine. In all fairness, I do have to point out that Pre-Press Company and I have struck a tentative payment agreement. I'll believe it, of course, when the check actually clears my bank. But for the time being, they've agreed to cough up a good portion of what they owed me.


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