Thursday, April 27, 2023

Traveling Machine

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I'm typing this on my new Surface Go 3, trying to get used to the keyboard.  I decided recently (as in, Monday) that I needed a traveling computer for an upcoming trip, as I didn't necessarily want to bring my main laptop that is basically my lifeline: all of my novels, my freelance work, my financial information, etc.  And while I could back it up, I just didn't want to put the computer at risk like that.

So I decided to look for a smaller, more portable, and less expensive machine.  I ended up settling on a Surface Go 3.  My last computer before my current one was a Surface Pro, and while it developed an overheating problem in 2020, I liked it as a work computer.  My newer laptop is faster and I don't regret getting it over a Surface, but I decided a mini Surface would be pretty much perfect as a traveling machine.

Next was to get it set up so that I could easily transfer my work between machines.  The first thing I downloaded was Vivaldi, my web browser of choice, and of course synced all my bookmarks.  (Amazing that we can do that now!)  Next I downloaded Scrivener and set up my current projects in Dropbox so that I can work from either machine.  The key will be making sure to close out the program on whatever computer I'm on when I'm finished working, so that the synced files don't get messed up.

I also got it set up with Plottr, which is the software I use for plotting and managing my series all in one place.  It's basically my series bible, so I didn't want to work on my novel without that handy.

After that I got a little overexcited, and loaded a bunch of other projects from my novel series into Dropbox.  I wanted them to be accessible if I need to refer back to one of them.  After some more thought, I also added a whole bunch of various in-progress projects, some of which I haven't worked on in years.  This way I can work on anything I please, any time I please.

I'm pretty excited about my new little work machine and all its potential!

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