Monday, February 13, 2023

Goals for 2023

This year has so far been extremely busy, so I'm a little late posting my goals for the year.  I don't typically do hard-and-fast New Year's resolutions anymore, after finding that I would fail to achieve them year after year.  This year I have a lot I want to accomplish, however, so I decided to set some general goals.

One of my goals is a carryover from last year, and that is to get our house and garage better organized.  We'd actually been making good progress last year before my horse got sick, and had done a pretty good job of reorganizing the garage, but that needs to be updated and the whole house needs to be cleaned and organized.  In January we decided to swap our bedroom and office/doll room, so we're working on organizing after that major move, and we have more to do on the main level once we finish upstairs.

I also had some ambitious plans for my fiction writing this year.  Since 2023 is a hundred years after when my vampire novel series starts, I wanted to get the first book finished and published this year.  My original plan was to finish the novel in January, revise, work on things like cover and formatting in early spring, and get it launched around late spring.  Unfortunately the organizing project ended up taking over my writing time, and I haven't worked on the novel in a little over a month.  I'm hoping in the next week or two, the biggest part of the organizing project will be behind us, and I can start writing every evening again.

At the same time, I want to take some time this year to think about what I want to do with my content writing career.  I really only have one client left that I write for regularly, a marketing company that I produce content for.  It's not bad pay but I need to decide if I want to continue with it just as kind of a "side gig" to everything else I'm doing, if I want to ramp it up and find other clients again, if I want to refocus my copywriting career on a different area, or if I want to let it go in favor of focusing more on self-publishing my own projects.

Just as 2020 was instrumental in allowing me to shift my focus away from nannying thanks to everything shutting down for covid, 2022 may prove to be instrumental for giving me an opportunity to reassess my career's focus and direction following Panama's illness.  I won't mind that.  I feel like my career has been meandering the last few years, and I'd like to find a way to refocus it a little.

Whatever 2023 has in store for me, it's off to a great start so far!  I hope it will prove to be a productive year when all is said and done.

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