Friday, August 14, 2015

Plans for freelancing this fall

I got through this past week without getting sick, having a meltdown, or some other disaster, helped along somewhat by the fact that I've had a reduced freelance workload this week.  The stars aligned to help me out, I guess.

One week down.  Two to go.  Then I get my normal school-year schedule back.

I have some goals in mind for as soon as my work schedule goes back down to manageable levels.  First things first: I need to catch up on sleep.  There are some other things I need to catch up on too, such as some thorough cleaning.  And I want to get going on my downsizing and organizing project.

I also have freelance-related goals I want to move on as soon as my schedule allows.  One is to start networking daily again, since that was the first thing to be cut when my schedule got too busy this summer.  One of my bigger clients dropped off in the last couple weeks, too, and although that has helped me to manage my schedule during my busiest weeks of summer, I also need to find a replacement.  I like having a few regular clients on the books.

Finally, I also want to start working on my own projects (both fiction and nonfiction) again daily, even if it's only for a little while each day.  Even my blogging has dropped off since Camp NaNoWriMo ended and my schedule got busier, so that will have to be worked back into my schedule, too.

Being super busy right now isn't the only reason I'm looking forward to fall.  I can't wait to put these plans into action!


Helen said...

Great! My freelancing plan is to leave SEO freelance writing as it is boring without any self development and to start real freelance writing! I want to have orders, to write blog posts, to write articles for online magazines…Unfortunately, this niche is already overloaded

Katharine Swan said...

Good luck, Helen! I'll be making some more changes myself. Stay tuned!


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