Thursday, May 14, 2015

The freelance writer's resume

I think freelancer writers have to think about their resume more than most people.  When someone gets a regular job, they might stay in that job for years or just months, but either way they still don't have to think about their resume for a little while.  Freelancers, on the other hand, submit a resume every time they apply for a contract job, so their resumes are constantly trading hands -- and as a result, have to be constantly evolving.

So I found this article particularly pertinent for freelancers:

For A Resume, Type Font Matters

If your professors told you in college to always use Times New Roman, it turns out they were actually wrong.  According to typography experts, Times New Roman is wearing out its welcome.  It's old news, tired and overused.

So what should you use instead?  Obviously, don't go for anything difficult to read, and for Pete's sake, please not Comic Sans!  Helvetica is the experts' first recommendation, although Garamond is a close second if you have a cluttered resume, because it's so easy to read.

I looked at my resume, and of course, it's in Times New Roman.  When I wrote it up the first time, that was all that was recommended to be used, of course.  So am I going to run right out and change it?  I haven't decided yet.  The recommended fonts still seem to be fairly conservative, but I am still a little wary of the advice.  I'd probably be more trusting if I heard about a preference for a different font from employers and clients, rather than from "typography experts."

What do you think?  Changing the font you use might be a fairly innocuous change for a regular employee, but for a freelance writer it's practically a revolution.  (If these fonts are better for resumes, what about work that you turn into the client?  What about the client's website or direct mail marketing?  Do you change every font you use?  Where do you stop?)

What about you?  What fonts do you prefer to use, and how much stock do you put in this article if it would represent a change for you?

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