Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Managing my time as a freelancer again

I've taken a few freelance gigs here and there, so once again I am managing my time as a freelancer.  This is the first time I've taken regular freelance work (more than just a one-off job) in a long time, probably almost two years.  With everything else going on in my life at the moment, I'm finding it challenging to maintain freelancing, marketing, and blogging alongside nannying and babysitting, and working on my novel has gone out the window entirely since I started freelancing.

I have a few days' reprieve this week before I switch to my busier summer schedule, however -- the family I nanny for have relatives in town, so they gave me a few days off.  I'm hoping to use that time to work on freelancing, marketing, my novel, and some various admin tasks -- I know it's not enough time to create lasting habits, but I'm hoping working on these things fairly consistently for a few days will at least help me get my head back in the game, so to speak.

The biggest challenge, obviously, is dividing my time between everything I need to do without leaving anything out.  That will be even more difficult during the coming months, when the kids are out of school, as I work more hours and will therefore have less time for other things... but I think it's doable.

In any case, I have a month to get it figured out before Camp NaNoWriMo starts and I add yet another obligation to the mix -- if not sooner, as I really would like to get back to work on my novels before July if I can manage it!

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