Friday, January 06, 2012

New Years resolutions for 2012

I debated for a long while as to whether to set any New Years resolutions.  They don't usually turn out so well for me, and last year I don't believe I really set any, at least not any that were work-related.  But this year I think I'm going to try setting a few that are designed to be accomplished in the the next couple weeks or months, so that it's more likely that they'll be successful.

1) Establish a new daily schedule.

I was looking through my old files, and came across a couple of daily schedules I had made back when I first brought Panama to Denver.  I had blocked out time for horse stuff, and time for work stuff.  I don't remember how long I stuck to it, but it occurred to me that maybe I should do something similar to help me adjust to my new schedule and its limitations, now that I'm working a part-time nanny job.  It'll have to be a flexible schedule, to take into account things like our dog Grace's weekly physical therapy appointments, as well as less frequent appointments (vet and farrier for the horses, doctor for me, etc.), but I think it might help to see it laid out on paper how much time I have to work, and how much time I have for other things.  I also want to try to start getting out to the barn at least three times a week, twice on weekdays and once on the weekends, which a schedule should help me to do.

2) Clean my desk.

I think I usually start out the year by cleaning my desk, actually.  I'm hoping to do that, plus a bunch of filing to finish up 2011, this weekend.  My desk in particular has gotten a little out of control once again.

3) Revise my NaNo novel.

It's January now, which, if you'll remember, is when I said I was going to start work on the first round of revisions to my novel.  First I have some more research to do — I want to tie the planning of the second novel in with the revisions of the first, to make sure I keep everything straight.  Therefore revisions will have to be pushed back a few weeks, but hopefully not any longer.

4) Read a few classics.

Actually, I have a very specific list of classics I want to read in 2012.  I even created a shelf on my Nook for these books, so that I won't forget (since this is my only goal for the year that extends past the next couple of months).

What about you?  Any goals for 2012?

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