Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back from vacation

I'm just back from a stay-at-home vacation, during which I wasn't checking email or even getting on the computer much at all.  Michael had taken last week off with the intention of us going to Durango, as we did last summer, but we decided at the last minute to stay home.  Instead, we did a lot of things around the house that we'd been planning on doing, including rearranging and reorganizing the office to make it easier for me to work.  I'll blog on that later this week (with pictures).

I also made a pretty major decision about my career...  More on that later, as well.

Coming back from vacation is always so hard for me, but I think in many ways it's harder when I've taken time off and stayed home.  The reason (I think) is that I've changed my routines, but since I associate the vacation routines with home, it makes it harder to get back into the mindset of my old, work-related home routines.  For instance, I was staying up late and getting up late all week last week, and that particular habit is especially hard for me to break.

But overall, the break was refreshing.  I feel rested mentally, and I love my new workspace.  Combined with the decision I made during the week, I feel better about work going forward!

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