Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cat business

Cat business cartoon

At Barnes & Noble a few evenings ago, I was flipping through Cockatiels for Two, a book full of cat cartoons by Leo Cullum.  Many of them were business-related, but the one that really cracked me up was this one, because of the similarities to my work day.

My animals pretty much define my work day.  I plan my office hours around the best times to ride Panama; my dogs make sure I get regular breaks from the computer by demanding to go in and out; my cats keep me company by sleeping beside me while I work.  In fact, right now I'm working at the kitchen table, and my cat Cleo is happily rolling around in the sun on the other side of my netbook screen.

Some people would consider all the animal stuff to be distractions, and maybe they are, but in my opinion they make up for the social stimulation that you lose when you work from home.

What about you?  Writers with pets, how do your animals define your work day?

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Lisa Vella said...

My day is similar, except instead of animals (even though I have a cuddly cat and very vocal parakeet} I have children. It's trips to the potty, diaper changing breaks, and feedings that distract me - er...give me breaks! LOL

Great post! I love your creativity!


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