Monday, October 04, 2010

RIP, netbook battery

About a year and a half ago, I bought a netbook, the Asus Eee, to replace my aging Averatec laptop.  I've been using the Eee every day for work ever since, and still find it to be perfect for all my needs as a freelance writer.

Unfortunately, last week the battery quit.  It was fairly unexpected — although I'd been getting a little less battery life (even the smaller 4400mAh Asus Eee battery used to give me about 3 hours of Internet browsing), there was nothing to indicate that it would suddenly quit charging altogether.

My mom has the same computer, so before ordering a new battery, I tried her battery in my computer and found it worked fine.  Reassured it wasn't an operating system issue, I ordered the same battery my dad got her as an extra.  It's a little bigger, so I am looking forward to a little longer battery life!

I hate these unexpected freelancing expenses, but this one didn't turn out to be too painful.  The battery was fairly affordable, and it was a kick in the pants to do something I've been meaning to do: Buy the bigger battery for my netbook.

Have you been hit with any unexpected freelancing expenses lately?

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