Monday, September 28, 2009

Long time, no read

I just realized I've barely posted this month — on this blog, anyway. It's been quite a month, actually! After I was sick (which really took it out of me), I got kicked by my horse and spent several days hobbling around on a swollen, bruised leg. And then of course I fell on said leg during Friday's lesson... Although that last one wasn't a big deal (other than the time it cost me tending to Panama's injuries), I really got my butt kicked this month.

In more ways than one, unfortunately. My income also took a bit of a hit this month. Partly it was being either out of commission or moving really slowly because of the above-mentioned events, but I think two other factors contributed: summer is over, and I got burnt out from being so darn productive.

First things first: summer. I've mentioned before that summer is always my busiest season. I've noticed during other years that my workload usually picks up like crazy during June, July, and August. And sure enough, September dropped the ball — I think my total income will be less two-thirds what last month's was. (And although I forgot to blog abut it, August was a very good month, nearly as good as July.)

If I'd been feeling more up to it, I probably could have done some marketing and quickly made it back up (since I knew early in the month that it would be slow). But as I said, I was a bit burnt out. And even if I could have overcome this (which I probably could have), getting sick and kicked almost certainly did not help.

Well, here's hoping for a better October!

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