Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dealing with distractions of a bigger kind

The past week and a half has been pretty busy. For one thing, there was my friend's wedding stuff: Last weekend we had bachelorette party, and last night was the wedding, for which I was a bridesmaid. I also had a handful or so of doctor's appointments, mostly pertaining to the diabetes study I'm currently participating in. And on top of it all, I had some major work deadlines mid-week.

As a result of this combination, I was feeling very unlike myself this past week. First of all, although I wasn't physically hung over after the bachelorette party, I was mentally hung over from the overstimulation. The sensation of being "out of it" lasted for several days, which made it difficult to work as hard as I should have been.

Fortunately, my deadlines did eventually snap me out of my funk, but I had to work extra hard to get my work done. Wednesday night I had to go to bed for a couple of hours because I was so tired, then get up and work until dawn to finish before going back to bed. You do what you have to do sometimes to get it done, but it certainly didn't help my week to feel any less crazy!

Do you ever have weeks like this, where all you can do is to hang on for dear life and hope you get through it in one piece?

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