Monday, July 20, 2009

The experiment: Day 3

Friday was Day 3 of my experiment in productivity. Although it wasn't as successful a day as Day 1 or Day 2, it was primarily because I put in fewer hours and finished earlier. Hey, what can I say — it was Friday.

One thing I found on Friday was that changing the scenery worked really well to cure a lag in productivity. I felt like I was really struggling at home, lapsing back into my habits of getting on Facebook a lot and that kind of thing. So I packed up my stuff and walked two blocks to the local Starbucks.

I found that I was much more productive at Starbucks — particularly when my laptop battery started running low, and I had to really focus if I wanted to complete the project I was working on before it died completely!

Do you ever find that working someplace else for a little bit helps to jump start your productivity?

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Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Okay, I tried but I cannot find you on Facebook. Email me so I can add you as a friend!


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