Friday, October 17, 2008

Taking back my desk

For the past month or so I've been working from the couch, which admittedly wasn't very good for the state of my desk — it had gotten quite messy, as I'd been using it as a paperwork dumping ground.

I loved working from the couch at first, but lately it's become more tedious than anything else, so yesterday I decided to take my desk back. That, of course, required going through more than a month's worth of unfiled paperwork (some of which should have been filed in the trash!). My desk went from looking like this to this:

My freelance writing workstation

I'll have to retrain my cats not to jump up on my desk, since in my absence they've gotten into the habit of sitting there to look out the window. Also, it's not entirely clean yet — I still have a stack of papers in my inbox that I need to go through, as you can see on the left side of my computer.

Even if it's some work, though, I'm glad to have made the transition. This morning I am working at my desk, and I actually feel like I have my own workstation again (instead of being set up in the middle of the living room). From now on, if I want to work in the living room I'll just have to do it on battery power — though I think I've satisfied myself on that desire for a while!


Lori said...

Oh honey, if you want to see a real mess, look at my desk! There are times I have files all around me on the floor because I want to (get this) keep my workspace clean. It's a lie - they land on the floor because of the piles of crap already occupying the desk top! LOL

But it feels so nice to have a clean space, doesn't it? :)

Katharine Swan said...

Shhhh... My husband will say you're a bad influence on me! ;o)

My vices: forgetting to empty the trash, forgetting to file papers, and writing myself tons of little notes that then float around on little scraps of paper for 6 months (or longer!).


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