Sunday, April 16, 2006

Home sweet home...without internet?

After last week's rush to get the hardwood floors ready in time, Michael and I were able to move into the new house yesterday... Well, mostly. We still have a few things left to move, but we moved enough that the new house really does feel like "home." The rest of our stuff will follow in the next week.

Unfortunately, there seems to have been a DSL complication. I called last week and requested that the service be switched on Friday. I lost internet access at the old place right on time, but it never reappeared at the new place! I called tech support today, and they're sending out a technician to check it out for me. Hopefully I'll have internet back soon, but I'm worried about a problem with the phone lines in the new house. Goodness knows how old they are...

I find it ironic that just a few days ago, I was raving about being a freelance writer in today's world of technology - and suddenly here I am without that technology. Internet is literally my livelihood, and without I feel that I'm slowly bleeding to death. I have deadlines to meet, and no way to meet them. Not only that, I have to stay home all day tomorrow so that I'm here when the technician arrives, which means I can't leave in search of internet access, my lifeblood!

With any luck, this is simply a glitch in the system, and I will wake up tomorrow to find I have internet in the comfort of my own home once again.

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