Monday, June 01, 2009

Recharging my batteries

May was a busy month for me. After a slightly slow period at the beginning of the month while I waited for the month's assignments from my biggest client, I stayed pretty busy until almost the very end of the month. It's been a while since I've felt that efficient and productive. It was a good feeling, and it paid off in the income department, too.

But I can only keep up a high level of efficiency for so long before I need to take a break and recharge my batteries, so to speak. So after staying up late to meet a deadline Thursday night, and earning literally twice the dollar amount I usually do in one day, on Friday I wasn't feeling much like working.

I'm not terribly good at forcing myself to work when I don't feel like it and I don't have anything pressing, so I decided to put off the work for that day (which didn't have a fixed deadline) and read instead. I spent the entire day reading, and I have to say it was a fantastic feeling.

Sometimes I work over the weekend, but Michael and I were pretty busy this time, so I didn't push that either. And to top it all off, I let myself sleep in a bit later than normal today.

It sounds like three and a half days of slacking, doesn't it? But to me, it's worth it, because I woke up feeling ready to get back to work — and being genuinely excited about working is priceless, in my opinion!


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I wish I could afford myself that kind of luxury. I feel guilty when I take off even half of a workday, but I'm getting much better at avoiding work on weekends. When I do work Saturdays or Sundays, it's usually on tasks other than writing and editing (like marketing and invoicing).

Katharine Swan said...

Oh, Kathy, that's not to say that I don't feel guilty. I just knew I was pushing burnout and would take the time off anyway, so I decided I'd rather do something productive (reading a book I can enjoy and later even blog about) than unproductive (wasting time browsing the Internet instead of working). :o)


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